Construction Law


Hire the lawyer who’s comfortable in your world.

Most people in the building industry feel a lot more at home working on a great room than they do testifying in a courtroom. So when it comes to contracts and litigation, you want an attorney who can lace up his boots and walk the talk in construction, real estate, business and water law.  Peterkin & Associates has done just that for over 27 years.  Plus, as a long-time member and former president of COBA, Michael Peterkin understands the construction business like nobody’s business.  Give us a call regarding your next real estate venture or construction dispute. And you may never have to set foot in a courtroom.

Construction Contracts
We have extensive experience representing and advising contractors (large and small), builders, subcontractors, material suppliers and homeowners in all aspects of construction law.  We draft all types of construction agreements whether for single-family residences or larger projects to protect the interests of both the builder and homeowner.  We greatly minimize risk to our clients up front in what can be a volatile construction market.

Liens and Public Contracts
In this ever-changing construction climate in Central Oregon we know how to navigate the difficult and ever-changing area of construction liens and protect our clients’ rights, ensuring they get paid.  Our attorneys teach seminars on construction lien law ensuring contractors and material suppliers understand how to properly notify, perfect and foreclose a construction lien if necessary.

We have knowledge and experience in public contracting, an area of the law that is often unfamiliar to many contractors and one which they need to understand in the current market.

Defect/construction litigation
If a construction dispute arises, we specialize in mediation, arbitration and litigation concerning construction projects, large and small. We have experience representing both the contractor and homeowner whether it be during the construction process, or after completion.  We have successfully litigated construction defect claims and understand the specialized issues relevant to construction defect litigation.

Construction Contractor Board (CCB) Licensing and Disputes
We advise contractors on licensing and bonding issues relevant to their CCB license.  We handle CCB complaints between homeowners and contractors as well as disputes between contractors.  Some disputes can best be resolved through the CCB, and some cannot.  We know how to evaluate each particular matter and advise you how best to proceed.