Our Clients

While we do not disclose our specific clients, Peterkin & Associates has been representing individuals and prominent members of the business, real estate and construction communities in Central Oregon for over twenty years.
At Peterkin & Associates we pride ourselves on representing a wide variety of clients including individuals, business owners, contractors (large and small), developers, subcontractors, material suppliers, commercial landlords, title companies, water conservation organizations, homeowners’ associations, aviation companies, and many more.

Our client philosophy:

  • Identify key legal and factual issues up front so we can best advise our clients and develop targeted resolution strategies
  • Vigorously and zealously pursue justice for our clients while maintaining the highest level of professional ethics
  • Approach problems creatively to maximize results and avoid litigation when possible
  • Maintain a small firm environment where clients receive individual attention from our experienced attorneys
  • Build and maintain long-lasting client relationships
  • Build and maintain long-lasting relationships in the business community in Central Oregon to better serve our clients’ needs
  • Associate other professionals to deliver the best service and results for our clients
We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of legal services available to every client.