Recent News

In this ever changing real estate market in Central Oregon both Michael Peterkin and Megan Burgess have been on the forefront, advocating for and monitoring recent amendments to Oregon law. Of particular importance to homeowners are recent amendments to Oregon law concerning foreclosure and deficiency judgments. Ms. Burgess has been working directly with Oregon Legislators to ensure that necessary amendments pass during the 2010 special session to adequately protect consumers. To learn more about the most recent changes to Oregon law please contact us.

Both Mr. Peterkin and Ms. Burgess routinely teach seminars on real estate and construction matters. Recently, Peterkin and Burgess taught seminars to local contractors and material suppliers regarding all aspects of construction lien law and how to protect their lien rights.

Mr. Peterkin and Ms. Burgess have taught classes to real estate agents to highlight the ins and outs of the short sale process and how recent amendments to Oregon law may effect their clients.

Please contact us if you might be interested in hosting a class or seminar.